>Parenting your spouse?? WTF….


To understand what my ranting is about, please click on the title to read the article on CNN.com by Fernanda Moore.
Now that you’ve read it….take a deep breath. I know you are upset. I felt the same way. I have to start this with saying that the woman who wrote this article does not in any, way, shape or form represent women in general, or hell – any woman I’ve ever met. Not every woman, stay-at-home mother or not, treats her husband with this much disrespect and contempt.
I honestly cannot believe the audacity of this woman. I understand that this article came out quite a few days ago, but I just recently heard about it. It was painful to read through (or listen to as I was Episode 398 of http://www.nobodylikesonions.com/) How can she expect her husband to respect her when she insists on treating him like a child? Does she not believe in the equality of her spouse? Instead of barking at him like she was a dog (and I imagine something small and that yaps like a squeeky toy) “Baby Gate” “Install”, she should try saying “Hon, do you mind putting up the baby gate when you get home from work?” Or, for once, thank her husband for putting in long hours in an economy where he’s lucky to have a job at all! I work full time, am a full time mother (because that is a job you cannot just ‘clock out’ of, unless you are Casey Anthony), and if I even tried using the same tone with my husband, I would no longer have a home. Her ‘profession’, and I use this lightly, is to use write words for people to read. She can’t spare some for her family in a positive tone? I can only imagine how bad it stung for the husband to have to read her words on the Internet.

Please, Mrs. Moore, open the cookie jar and give your husband his balls back.


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