>Growing older, more or less

>Morning, freaks.

Again, the morning has come too soon. I’ve found it harder to recover from late nights; especially multiple unproductive late nights in a row. A sign of getting older, I’m sure, but I’m only 27 and its too early in my life for my body to start betray me.

Right? Ugh.

Getting up in the morning, I’m achy from the lack of sleep. The body is sluggish, the eyes open just enough to let the bare minimun of light in, the bad knee groaning in protest. To state that I’m not a morning person is to say Stonehenge is ‘just a bunch of rocks.’ If my dreams had been plagued with nightmares (as they are more often than not), then it doesn’t take long for me to morph into Mental Breakdown Barbie – without the size zero waist.

Two hours and countless cups of coffee later, I’m back to my usual saturnine self. Give me the nights, keep your days. Time is going by too quickly for my taste – there is so much left to do!



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