>Conficker, Rain and Writing

>If anyone is interested in it: A test to check for the Conficker Virus. My mother is in IT and kindly keeps me up to date in the latest threats to PCs, so I can ignore them.

And outside its beautiful today. No, the sun is not shining, but the rain is one of the best features of Florida. It washes away all the Ben-gay and sun tan lotion so we can start anew tomorrow. Inhale the freshness!

Today, my writing books have finally shipped. My trip to Barnes & Nobel Saturday night was a bust – spent close to an hour scanning their shelves and not finding a single book I needed (or even one that I wanted), when I could have been listening to Prime Time Geek , washing dishes or more importantly, writing as I had planned. The night left me frustrated and unfulfilled, but now the clouds of despair are lifting and there are pretty flowers and oh look at the cute wittle bunnies….

Ahem. So yes, tonight I’ll write, finish the chapter. Its a rough – very rough – draft. I’m not surprised that I’m so rusty after not writing anything of particular interest in quite a while. I can only hope it’s like riding a bike (I expect to fall down many times.)

EDIT: Books are in route, according to UPS and will be here on Thursday.


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