>Shit Storms and Burning Bridges


This day could be going a lot better. Like I could of just left my ass in bed, where it was warm, safe and no stress. A co-worker, one pretty high on the ladder despite her refusal to believe so, up and quit. Just like that. Didn’t handle her responsiblities for the day, things that effect everyone at the company (like our paychecks); didn’t leave proper procedures on how things needed to be handled, no two week notice, nothing. Just grabbed her things, told the Big Honcho she’ll get her stuff later, and was out the door, leaving the rest of us shocked, confused and with a elephant-sized load of shit to shovel.

Wonderful, I say! Just beautiful. Why the hell can’t I do that?

We are a small company. Our office staff was already at the bare minimum, but now we going to have to scrap by. I am one of those office staff. Because of this co-worker leaving, I am now handling twice my usual workload, with none of the benefits, or relief of it in sight. How is this fair? I’m the only one here able to shoulder some of those the responsiblities; all the IT and technical crap I sadly have no clue about, its all Greek to me. The rest of my week will be spent on a scavenger hunt for files and paperwork, since all my calls and emails to the co-worker have proved to be unproductive, unless you count my sky rocketing blood pressure. What is bothering me the most, is the fact that I’m being treated like the enemy. Is she upset that I didn’t stand by her and walk out as well? I did my part, I defended her decision, but there is only so much I’m willing to do when she insists on burning the bridges leading to me. Not to mention, I have a family to support and a mortgage.

I could really use some comfort food, or anything covered in chocolate. I’m serious, I don’t care what you cover, as long as its covered with rich, creamy milk or dark chocolate. I’ll rant about the Atkins Diet some other time, though.


3 thoughts on “>Shit Storms and Burning Bridges

  1. geoffrey says:

    >Please go to Wal-Mart, now, and buy the Atkins Peanut Butter Cups. Take two, and then relax. The sugar alcohols will not destroy your weight loss, just stall it for a few hours. The pleasure of whatever the hell is in those things will help take your mind off this nonsense.

  2. jennifer says:

    >ooh, good point, Geoff! Those pb cups, I even liked!So sorry you had to go through this! What a shitty thing for someone to do to you. I understand they did what they thought was right and kudos to them but if they are trying to hurt the mgmt it probably hurts them less vs how it hurts you all…*hugs*

  3. M.Silva says:

    >Wow, thanks you guys for the kind words, it means a lot. I will definitely take your advice, and I’m drooling slightly at the thought of PB cups. Today is a new day, and I’m doing what I can to keep everything positive. It was great listening to you guys last night and relaxing for a bit.

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