Review: Crescent by Phil Rossi

Crescent by Phil Rossi
Genre: SciFi Horror
Available at
Features the band Chrysalis

Note, the blah blah disclaimer: It is recommended for mature audiences and not appropriate for minors, so keep the little ones away.

This morning I finished listening to Crescent by Phil Rossi. Crescent is a blend of science fiction and horror, and Rossi does it well. It has the feel of Stephen King and little Lovecraft, with sex, violence and terrifying things waiting for you in the dark. His twists keep you on your feet and have you gripping the edge of your seat, begging for more.

Its a great plot, and I thoroughly enjoyed the tale he’s spun here. Its dark without being cheesy or overdone. You really get the feel of the characters, finding yourself immersed in the conflicts surrounding them. Their struggles, desires, and accomplishments become real, which makes their fear all the more palpable.

And there is plenty to fear on Crescent. I hope you’re not afraid of the dark.


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