>The quiet after the storm

>Things are quiet this morning. Other than telephones and various radios playing, its almost peaceful. Our co-worker is back, and so far the truce called first thing this morning is still in effect. My love and I had a late night with a friend that was visiting, and I’m just too tired to duke it out today, not to mention I don’t want to stress out another co-worker who had to come back from medical leave early and is not doing too well. There’s no reason to make matters worse with re-hashing points that have been proven time and time again.

I had debated on taking tomorrow off, just for a much needed break from the place, but instead I’ve convinced the latter co-worker to go back on leave while she can, and am stepping up to the plate to take one for the team. Besides, I’m leaving for an entire week in July and they’ll have to make it on their own without me. I’ll cut them some slack.


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