Death of an Icon


King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Dead at age 50

It was quite a shock to hear, after the death of the beautiful Farrah Fawcett (an icon in her own right), that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead yesterday. Despite all of his issues in his personal life – the numerous plastic surgeries, dangling his child from a balcony, child-molestation charges (in which he was acquitted) – he gave so much to the music industry, pioneering the way for boy bands and pop stars…though I try not to hold that against him…and uniting races with his music. How many musicians in your lifetime can you say that about?

Many that I know, including my own mother, grew up listening to his music. As a child, I remember many a night hearing ‘Thriller’ on my mother’s record player (she still has the vinyl, by the way) and dancing around the living room. It was music at the time that brought our generations together. To this day, I still consider it decent music, though my tastes have changed. You have to admit the man had talent, and was a great entertainer. Even on his bad days, and sadly in a negative way, he still managed to capture the world’s attention. It’s a shame that his actions in his later years have overshadowed his greatness, and I’m sure the world was waiting for his train to derail once again with his comeback tour. His son, the first Prince Michael, was to make his musical debut with his father. I wonder if he will follow his father’s foot steps (at least professionally), and if he has his father’s talent.

I know there are probably a million blogs covering his death, and many of them bashing him, but I’m choosing to remember the positive things about him and his music. Why can’t other people? Even if you didn’t enjoy his music, give the man credit for what he managed to accomplished before he became ‘Wacko Jacko’.

RIP, Mr. Jackson



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