Welcome to My World

Thanks to my wonderful husband and Mickey from SomaCow – you can find them both on twitter: RSilva5 and SomaCow respectively – I am happy to announce that http://www.MontineSilva.com is now up and running!

Okay, linked to my blog, but it’s still live. I have a presence on the web. It’s daunting, but inspiring. I suppose. We’ll find out!

Things to come here:

More of my ramblings. Duh.

Remote blog from Disney, Florida. In three weeks, we will be embarking on the Silva Family Adventure: The Silvas invade Orlando! For one full week, all seven members of the Silva Clan/Lakeland branch will be staying in Orlando, and I am fully prepared to blog the journey. It’s going to be a great time, and a writing exercise for me. I’m excited, and so ready to take a break from work. This will be the first time that I’ve taken a full week vacation from work that was not related to our daughter’s health.

Expect that to be followed up with at least one blog post about how behind I am at work and wishing I were back on vacation.

That is all you get for right now. If I don’t get any actual work completed, then I’ll stress the entire time we are gone, and I don’t want that. I want to enjoy our time.




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