Day Four: Making waves at Typhoon Lagoon

Ah! So nice to sleep in a bit. I wasn’t roused out of bed until 9am, which was a blessing after the last few days. After a leisurely breakfast, I made sure the kids were bathed and then was able to spend some time on the computer. This week, unless you count the random tweeting from my cell phone, or the time I’ve spent updating the blog, I’ve been mostly ‘disconnected’ from the outside world, both news-wise and socially. I apparently missed a tornado hitting Orlando near the Florida Mall last night, the space shuttle launch, and something about a bus accident at Disney. I was able to catch up on some correspondence and return some tweets, but that was it.

And Walter Cronkite died! Ouch. RIP Mr. Cronkite, you will be missed.

My niece and nephew joined us this afternoon from St. Augustine and after lunchtime we headed over to Typhoon Lagoon, this time sans mother and sister in law. For Florida residents, if you purchase a ticket after 2pm, you get a year-round pass, so we took advantage of it. I’m not entirely sure how long that promotion lasts, but if you are a water-park lovin’ Florida resident, do it!

Let me say this: the ‘large’ lockers at Typhoon Lagoon are probably okay for a single family and a backpack or two, but three backpacks do not fit very well at all! We did manage to get the locker shut, with only a small bulge at the corners, and then we were off to explore.

We made use of the lazy river as our in-park transportation, and hit all three raft rides. The little one enjoyed the hell out of those, but damn those stairs are killer after three days of non-stop walking. And in flip-flops, no less.

We peeped out the wave pool, which is pretty cool as long as you stay in the deeper water. We got our first vacation-related injury in the water furthest from where the big wave comes out. Our little one, Mini Me, was standing in the shallows when the big wave broke, and the aftershock wave knocked her down, scraping her elbow, back and knee. I guess they keep the floor of the wave pool textured so you can gain traction, but it only served to grate the skin of my daughter. So be careful!

She’s fine by the way. Seems to freak out when she notices that she is bleeding, but once you slap a bandaid on it, all is kittens and rainbows again. She did depart with my father in law and niece shortly after, these long fun-filled days are taking a toll on Papa, and he deserves some rest. After they headed out, it was down to me, my hubby Rich, RickyJr and my nephew. My husband and I watched as the boys did the Kowabunga, an enclosed slide that drops you straight down 214 feet. Rich has ridden it before, but I just didn’t see the use in having my bathing suit crammed up my ass that far. I did check out Storm Sliders next door and thought it was a lot of fun.

The ride you really want to catch at Typhoon Lagoon is the Crush N’ Gusher – a roller coaster-type water slide that was very neat. To me it was one of the best thrills at Typhoon Lagoon.

Now that we have our year-round passes, we’ll probably hit this place up a couple more times. For now though, I have to get to bed. I physically can’t think or type anymore tonight!

Tomorrow: Day Five and final: Animal Kingdom, and then a trip to the SomaCow Media Network studio! Yay!

Night, Internets.


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