Getting down with the sickness

No, David Draiman, I do not want to get down, get down with the sickness.

I awoke Saturday morning with pain lancing down my throat with each dry swallow.  Invisible fingers inside my head, shoving at my eyeballs from within, the pressure building to the point that I would have not been surprised had they popped.  Even though I had yet to move from inside the blankets warmed by my body heat overnight, I could already feel the aches in my joints.  I knew the sun would not show its face that day, and that I had the Germs.

Can you feel that?
Ah, shit

There are too many people on this planet, too many social interactions on a daily basis and with the Globalization of the planet, the statistics are high that no matter how many times I wash my hands or take Lysol to the light switches and door knobs, I am going to pick up the Germs.   Add in the minions with their dirty hands and bad habits of petting anything with fur and in the case of one, eating anything he can pick up off the floor before the dog can get to it, and I am guaranteed to feel this way at least one or twice a year.   Most iikely this go around was due to Halloween.    And yes, I know It could be worse; it could be Swine Flu or Tuberculosis or Cancer and I know I look like a fool for complaining when people out there are actually suffering.

But this is my blog, and I will snot all over it if I want to.



2 thoughts on “Getting down with the sickness

  1. Rich says:

    Let’s me truthful here. Both boys will eat nearly anything found on the floor.

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