Just a few quick words to the miniature versions of myself that I have spawned in partnership with my husband.

Dear Vicious Little Imps My Beautiful Children,

I know there will come a time in your lives where you have committed an act that will require my forgiveness.  I know that you will one day claim that you hate me for pure teenage reasons, break something that I hold dear, or destroy my sanity.  It is the price that I am willing to pay for your love and well-being and I know that I will find it in me to forgive and accept your missteps in life.

But one thing that I will never, ever be able to forgive in the rest of my lifetime is the fact that I now pee a little when I sneeze.  Or cough too hard.  Or sometimes when I try to pick up your younger sibling.  Please keep that in mind while you are changing my bed pan in 40 years.

With much love,
Your broken loving Mother


An open note to my children


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