Yes, I know that I vowed to do NaBloMoPo and a daily post, yet here I am three days late with a entry.

I could give the excuse that I was out of town and conveniently forgot to bring my laptop with me.  Or that I was reading a good book during that time and didn’t want to be bothered to put it down.  Or three good books in a row.  But I won’t.  Because I don’t feel bad about it.

I haven’t opened much less turned on my laptop since Thursday night.  I haven’t checked my email since Friday afternoon when I left work.  I haven’t kept up with your blogs, Facebook posts, or Tweets since then either.  And as always when I take these hiatuses, it was liberating.

The whole online social scene can become stressful if you let it.  Too many posts to like, too many blogs to follow or too many Twitter followers.  There is too much going on outside the electronic boxes for me to fall into that trap.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internets and everything it has to offer, but I like to unplug.  It saves me money on Exedrin Migraine and perhaps in the future, seizure medication.  Not to mention that NOT doing NaNoWriMo this year has been one of my better decisions.  I’m not stressing the days of November where I am constantly glued to a keyboard and monitor.  Last year for Thanksgiving I spent the three hour trip to St. Augustine with my laptop, stressing my word count.   I did the same with the three hour trip back home.  This year I can spend that time reading or better yet, napping.  I can enjoy the week that my sister and her family comes and stays with us.  I can enjoy my pumpkin pie without feeling like a failure.

So my advice to those who are still reading my ramblings is to unplug every now and then and remember how nice it can be to live, really live, outside the box.


3 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. mshytech says:

    You mean ….go outside….????? But the evil daystar is out there 😦

  2. catazure says:

    I agree on the benefits of unplugging. I tried NanNoWriMo one year, quickly fell behind because of work and decided my book(s) would happen in their own time. Enjoy a peaceful November, Montine:)

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