Day Four: Making waves at Typhoon Lagoon

Ah! So nice to sleep in a bit. I wasn’t roused out of bed until 9am, which was a blessing after the last few days. After a leisurely breakfast, I made sure the kids were bathed and then was able to spend some time on the computer. This week, unless you count the random tweeting from my cell phone, or the time I’ve spent updating the blog, I’ve been mostly ‘disconnected’ from the outside world, both news-wise and socially. I apparently missed a tornado hitting Orlando near the Florida Mall last night, the space shuttle launch, and something about a bus accident at Disney. I was able to catch up on some correspondence and return some tweets, but that was it.

And Walter Cronkite died! Ouch. RIP Mr. Cronkite, you will be missed. Continue reading

Day Three: Discover the Wonder at Epcot

Another beautiful early morning. Ugh, more dirty water, please.

We actually ended up getting a slightly later start out of the hotel this morning; my parents in law ended up having to head to Tampa at 4am to retrieve my sister in law due to the van’s battery dying and OnStar being unable to revive it. Fail. Sadly, the few people that could pick her up with the other van and/or fix her van were all in Orlando, so they had no choice. They ended up staying at the hotel to catch up on some rest for a few hours while the Silva Jr. clan headed out. Continue reading

Day Two: Pass the dirty water, please

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Silva

Granted, it’s around the same time I get up for work, but mornings are always the bane of my existence. I’m just not a morning person, and refuse to apologize for bristling at any type of contact or movement before I’ve had a few cups of joe in me. It is safer for all to keep a distance, even while on vacation.

As it was, we were up bright and early again for round two. I really like the hotel room, with its high ceilings and space. The entire suite, the St. Lucia, itself is a few hundred square feet larger our house in Lakeland, and comfortable enough to house the seven of us comfortably. It’s a nice little home away from home. Though the kitchen is lacking in counter space, the glass dining table is big enough and there is a dishwasher! Oh how I’ve missed being able to load a dishwasher. Continue reading

Day One: The Magic Kingdom – The True Melting Pot

Photo Courtesy of Richard Silva Sr

I had forgotten how much I missed living with my in laws; not because of financial reasons, or for extra hands where chores are concerned, but for the company. I get along extremely well with my father, mother and younger sister-in-law, and there is always an easy companionship when we are together. The conversation never seems forced, and when there is silence, it is always a comfortable one. They are great people, and I feel as though I lucked out getting them as in laws. Continue reading

Time away from it all

A few more days, and the Lakeland branch of the Silva clan will be invading Orlando!

For a full week, July 12 though July 18th, seven of us will be slipping away from the daily grind of work, school, and responsibilities to play in Florida’s tourist trap – Disney. It will be our kids’ first real trip there (the oldest, my 10 year old step-son RickyJr, has been before, but doesn’t quite remember the trip as he was young at the time), and I’m very excited to share the experience with them. They are old enough now to fully enjoy the wonders and magic of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM/Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, and my inner-child is already jumping up and down at the thought of seeing the castle. Continue reading

Welcome to My World

Thanks to my wonderful husband and Mickey from SomaCow – you can find them both on twitter: RSilva5 and SomaCow respectively – I am happy to announce that is now up and running!

Okay, linked to my blog, but it’s still live. I have a presence on the web. It’s daunting, but inspiring. I suppose. We’ll find out!

Things to come here:

More of my ramblings. Duh.

Remote blog from Disney, Florida. In three weeks, we will be embarking on the Silva Family Adventure: The Silvas invade Orlando! For one full week, all seven members of the Silva Clan/Lakeland branch will be staying in Orlando, and I am fully prepared to blog the journey. It’s going to be a great time, and a writing exercise for me. I’m excited, and so ready to take a break from work. This will be the first time that I’ve taken a full week vacation from work that was not related to our daughter’s health.

Expect that to be followed up with at least one blog post about how behind I am at work and wishing I were back on vacation.

That is all you get for right now. If I don’t get any actual work completed, then I’ll stress the entire time we are gone, and I don’t want that. I want to enjoy our time.



Death of an Icon


King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Dead at age 50

It was quite a shock to hear, after the death of the beautiful Farrah Fawcett (an icon in her own right), that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead yesterday. Despite all of his issues in his personal life – the numerous plastic surgeries, dangling his child from a balcony, child-molestation charges (in which he was acquitted) – he gave so much to the music industry, pioneering the way for boy bands and pop stars…though I try not to hold that against him…and uniting races with his music. How many musicians in your lifetime can you say that about? Continue reading

Anatomy of a Writer

Oh poor blog, how I’ve neglected you. I’m ashamed of myself, and will understand if you are more than a little grumpy with me.

I have a lot of writer friends, both in the ‘real world’ and online socially. I surround myself with them to focus, inspire and motivate myself to keep scratching that itch. And as I interact with them more, I realize there is something that the majority share in common. Something that has to happen before the words will flow.

I call it the Writer’s Crutch. Continue reading

What goes up…

We had a wonderful time this past weekend: It was our wedding anniversary (six years), and the in-laws were kind enough to take the kids for a few hours so we could celebrate on Sunday. We headed to the Hard Rock Casino near Tampa and then went out to for an awesome, carb-filled Italian dinner and drinks. Just the two of us, and I really enjoyed myself. It was all-in-all a perfect weekend, despite the fact we didn’t win big at the casino. Continue reading

Write Right

It is damn hot outside. Temperature today in the upper 90’s and dry as hell. Where is a coven of water witches doing their naked rain dances when we need them?

That is not what this about, though. Maybe later.

No, this is about failure, and the fear of it.

I hate this feeling, this feeling of uncertainty in regards to my writing. There is a persistent nagging feeling of not being worthy enough to finish the story. I think that part of the reason is that I’m having a hard time finding the groove when real life keeps interrupting. And I understand that it is supposed to – I work full time Monday through Friday, with a wonderful family and supportive husband that need me. I’m unable to sit down when the mood strikes and fully commit to the story. I’ve planned for such, which is why Synnove will not be fully released in final draft until late this year and only after I’ve let a select few rip into it with gigantic red pens and slice away at my heart… Continue reading