Write Right

It is damn hot outside. Temperature today in the upper 90’s and dry as hell. Where is a coven of water witches doing their naked rain dances when we need them?

That is not what this about, though. Maybe later.

No, this is about failure, and the fear of it.

I hate this feeling, this feeling of uncertainty in regards to my writing. There is a persistent nagging feeling of not being worthy enough to finish the story. I think that part of the reason is that I’m having a hard time finding the groove when real life keeps interrupting. And I understand that it is supposed to – I work full time Monday through Friday, with a wonderful family and supportive husband that need me. I’m unable to sit down when the mood strikes and fully commit to the story. I’ve planned for such, which is why Synnove will not be fully released in final draft until late this year and only after I’ve let a select few rip into it with gigantic red pens and slice away at my heart… Continue reading


>One down, so many to go

>I had a good night – didn’t go to bed until sometime before 2am, but the fatigue is offset by the fact that I completed the first chapter last night. Hurray! I’m content with how it came out, not saying that I won’t completely restructure it during editing, but it was enough to work with. It was a hard chapter to write, not only because it was the first, but because of the story line itself. It is an emotional beginning.

But now, oh yes now I can delve into the heart of it. Tell the story I came to tell in the first place.

New Tides


Its been an amazingly long time since I’ve written anything, minus my 140 character ramblings on Twitter and posting in various game/media related forums. But I’ve started to feel that tug, that itch, that feeling there is Something To Be Written. As for what, the muses have yet to make that known. So here I am, taking the first step – finding the page to put the words. And now the words will come.