Anatomy of a Writer

Oh poor blog, how I’ve neglected you. I’m ashamed of myself, and will understand if you are more than a little grumpy with me.

I have a lot of writer friends, both in the ‘real world’ and online socially. I surround myself with them to focus, inspire and motivate myself to keep scratching that itch. And as I interact with them more, I realize there is something that the majority share in common. Something that has to happen before the words will flow.

I call it the Writer’s Crutch.

It could be a certain ritual, a setting of music, a bottle of wine, a visit from Mary Jane, complete silence, chores completed, or even a voodoo doll (yes, I said voodoo doll). I knew a guy in high school who said he always wrote his best stuff during post-orgasmic bliss, and often couldn’t hold on to a relationship due to the fact he usually sent his male lovers away after sex so he could take advantage of a ‘clear head’. Whatever their vice, a comfort zone has to be achieved before the writing can begin.

I can relate, I have my own crutches that mentally prepare me for the journey. I have an addictive personality and will admit that not all of my addictions are healthy. That in itself is a work in progress. There are habits that have to be given up during the span of life in order to keep oneself in good health. The addict inside cries a little less as the days go by, and it becomes easier to gain back what is lost in regards to focus and ambition.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t miss those vices. Of course I do! And because they had been such a habit with my writing, it’s difficult to maintain the same level of creativity without them. Instead of the words practically writing themselves, now it’s become an uphill struggle. I know I can make the words flow again, I only need to keep pushing against that mental blockage. Giving in to failure is not an option.

No one said life is easy, but there are some things that lessen the burden. What is your crutch, or vice?



2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Writer

  1. soundguy79 says:

    >Crutches include Wine, Women and Spellchack.

  2. RSilva5 says:

    >Women as crutches? One on each shoulder? I like it!

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