A vague update on me and a descriptive paper.

In January, my husband and I started back at college.  It was hectic at first.  We were dumping a semester of calculating imaginary numbers and finding the root of infinity on top of an already busy schedule of sports games, recitals, FCAT testing and 40-50 hour work weeks.  But somehow we managed and I passed my algebra course with a low B despite the fact that I hadn’t touched a TI83 in 16 years.

And yes, I still found the time to unplug myself from the machines.

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I fell in love with reading in third grade, the year they started the Accelerated Reading program at my elementary school.  You read a book, you take a test and you earn points, usually around 5 to 10 points per book depending on the length.  These points didn’t really matter towards a grade but points that could be accumulated and used for bragging rights? Impress the teachers? I really just read A Lot and now had a reason to indulge.

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A little of this, a little of that…

So here I am, back again in the blogosphere spouting off nonsense to the meager crowd of my friends & family who are willing to read something I’ve created.  As you can see from the previous post, it has been a long time since I’ve graced these pages with my words and no, I still have yet to figure out WordPress.  Fortunately for me I have a group of highly intelligent friends and family who ARE familiar with WordPress that can decipher it for me.

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>Round ‘Em Up!

>Tonight we took our five year old to her Kindergarten Roundup at the same Elementary school her brother attends. I’m still amazed that she’s old enough to be attending kindergarten already – somedays it seems like just yesterday she was still nursing and learning to walk. It makes me sad to see her grow up so fast, but she’s beautiful and intelligent, and always brings joy into my life even on the darkest days. I’m nervous, as a first time mother always is, but its a really good school, and I have faith in their abilities to educate my child.

>Growing older, more or less

>Morning, freaks.

Again, the morning has come too soon. I’ve found it harder to recover from late nights; especially multiple unproductive late nights in a row. A sign of getting older, I’m sure, but I’m only 27 and its too early in my life for my body to start betray me.

Right? Ugh.

Getting up in the morning, I’m achy from the lack of sleep. The body is sluggish, the eyes open just enough to let the bare minimun of light in, the bad knee groaning in protest. To state that I’m not a morning person is to say Stonehenge is ‘just a bunch of rocks.’ If my dreams had been plagued with nightmares (as they are more often than not), then it doesn’t take long for me to morph into Mental Breakdown Barbie – without the size zero waist.

Two hours and countless cups of coffee later, I’m back to my usual saturnine self. Give me the nights, keep your days. Time is going by too quickly for my taste – there is so much left to do!