Time away from it all

A few more days, and the Lakeland branch of the Silva clan will be invading Orlando!

For a full week, July 12 though July 18th, seven of us will be slipping away from the daily grind of work, school, and responsibilities to play in Florida’s tourist trap – Disney. It will be our kids’ first real trip there (the oldest, my 10 year old step-son RickyJr, has been before, but doesn’t quite remember the trip as he was young at the time), and I’m very excited to share the experience with them. They are old enough now to fully enjoy the wonders and magic of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM/Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, and my inner-child is already jumping up and down at the thought of seeing the castle.

The ‘adult’ part of me, though, is basking in the thought of being away from ringing phones, infinite paperwork and non-stop bitching of customers complaining that their fueling systems are not working properly. I don’t even want to see a gas pump, though I understand that is unavoidable. I’ve worked here for nine years now, and this is the first time I’ve been able to take a full week of vacation not reserved for medical reasons. Granted, I’ve taken a few days off at a time, but never a full week like this. No arguing with my immediate boss about whose fault it was that I was two weeks behind in invoicing (it was totally his), or being told that my political beliefs are completely lacking by the CONservative Big Boss (sorry big guy, I’m not reading Glen Beck’s book Common Sense that you forced on me, just not going to happen), and no stressing about deadlines for once. We are going to sit back and enjoy some quality family time away from the ‘real world’.

Not to mention we will be visiting the SomaCow studio Friday night after the live show and I will finally get to meet the prestigious J Walker of NewsBomb fame. I can’t think of a better way to top off the week.

I will be sharing the experience with you, dear readers, and will throw in some reviews of the places we eat and stay at just for fun. I always need an excuse to write and post pictures, so why not? And later on I can print it all out and make a scrap book out of the blog postings for the kids to have to remember the journey.

Until we leave on Sunday, though, there is lots of cleaning and packing to accomplish and I should get on it.



2 thoughts on “Time away from it all

  1. somacow says:

    >Cannot wait to see you two. Have a good week remaining!

  2. Jen says:

    >Let me know how the bathrooms are…I always find reviews of places are that much better with bathrooms!!I can't wait to see you guys Friday night!

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